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Vertical Solutions Consulting’s President, Karl Strand, has over twenty-two years of experience in construction consulting on a wide variety of projects throughout the United States and abroad.  Please see below for more detailed background and biographical information.  Client references are available upon request.  Please contact Mr. Strand at kstrand@verticalsolutionsconsulting.com to discuss your exterior cladding consulting needs.





About Us


Karl A. Strand




Education:  Bachelor of Science, Architectural Engineering, 1987

University of Texas at Austin



Summary of Professional Experience


Vertical Solutions Consulting


As President of Vertical Solutions Consulting, Mr. Strand is responsible for all consulting services relating to building enclosure systems.   He has over eighteen years of experience providing consulting and testing services relating to exterior cladding systems on domestic and international projects, including existing structures and new construction projects.  He also has extensive experience with structural and architectural concrete repair, and possesses a working knowledge of building design and construction processes and operational systems, including concrete detailing and placement, structural steel detailing and erection, foundation systems, and mechanical systems.  His familiarity with the overall construction of a building enhances his ability to evaluate the interaction of the building envelope with the internal structural and operational systems.  Mr. Strand routinely examines the exterior conditions on buildings using swing stage scaffolding, and is also experienced in rappelling on buildings up to approximately 250 ft in height.


Corté Cladding Consultants, LLC – 2004 to 2005 – VP of Consulting Services


Responsible for a wide range of projects that included design of new cladding systems, peer review of exterior cladding construction documents, evaluation of existing cladding systems, and testing of completed systems to confirm conformance with performance requirements. 


Curtain Wall Design and Consulting, Inc - 1997 to 2004 - Senior Design Consultant


Responsible for exterior cladding services for existing buildings, including due diligence evaluations, evaluation of serviceability problems such as water leakage and material failures, field testing of exterior cladding systems to identify leakage conditions and material incompatibilities, development of plans and specifications for repairs, and field quality control observations and testing to confirm proper implementation of repair details.  Also responsible for consulting and testing services for cladding services on new construction projects, including stone, EIFS, precast concrete, and stucco systems, in addition to glass and aluminum curtain wall systems.  Services included peer review of architectural documents, review of shop drawings and calculations, on-site observations during installation, performance testing to ASTM and AAMA standards, and development of field repairs for unforeseen conditions.     


Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. – 1987 to 1997 – Project Manager


Responsibilities included a wide variety of projects relating to investigation of problems with existing buildings, bridges, and other structures.  Specialty knowledge was developed in evaluation and repair of exterior envelope systems and structural concrete deterioration, and restoration of historic structures.  Project responsibilities included field analysis and documentation of serviceability problems and construction defects, development of remedial repairs, and field quality control observations and testing.



Representative Projects


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum – Cleveland, OH

Investigation of water leakage, development of repair details, field observation of specialized silicone sealant repairs on glass pyramid structure


IBM Building – Seattle, WA

Investigation of water leakage and concrete façade distress at 20-story building that was architect Minoru Yamasaki’s prototype design for the World Trade Center towers in New York City; development of repair details, field observation and testing of waterproofing and concrete repairs   


Texas Instruments Semiconductor Plant – Hiji, Japan

Investigation of exterior concrete cladding distress, development of concrete repair details, field trials and testing to evaluate repair methods, field observation of completed work


Mormon Temples – Bogotá, Colombia and Guayaquil, Ecuador

New construction consulting for granite cladding on temple buildings, including field observations of stone cladding fabrication and installation


Torré Paris Office Building – Santiago, Chile

New construction consulting for exterior cladding systems on 22-story office building, including review of shop drawings and field observations of work in progress


University of Texas Communications Building – Austin, TX

Investigation of excessive corrosion at weathering-steel façade panels, development of re-cladding details, field observations of re-cladding work


San Jacinto Monument Historic Restoration – Houston, TX

Investigation of stone distress, development of repair details, field observations of stone replacement work for 570 ft tall monument structure


Moonlight Towers Historic Restoration – Austin, TX

Develop specialized disassembly and restoration procedures for 160 ft tall iron lighting towers


Cathedral Santuario de Guadalupe Historic Restoration - Dallas, TX

Field testing and observations during stone replacement and patching work at east elevation of 100 year old Neo-Gothic cathedral


Three Houston Center - Houston, TX

Exterior cladding due diligence survey for 52-story office tower, including exterior swing stage drops


50 South Sixth – Minneapolis, MN

Exterior cladding due diligence survey for 29-story office tower, including exterior swing stage drops


1200 K St NW – Washington, DC

Exterior cladding due diligence survey for 12-story office building, including exterior rappelling drops


3801 PGA Boulevard – Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Exterior cladding due diligence survey for 10-story office building, including exterior rappelling drops


Affiliations:      ASCE – American Society of Civil Engineers

                                    SPRAT – Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians


Publications & Presentations:      

Material Failures – Incompatibility of Construction Materials - Sixth and Seventh Annual Building Professional Institute, University of Texas at Arlington, January 1998, January 1999     

 Design Failure – Could it Happen Here? - Construction Research Center, University of Texas at Arlington, Part 1 October 1995, Part 2 April 1996

Preservation Study of the Moonlight Towers - APT Bulletin – Journal of the Association for Preservation Technology, Vol. VVIII, No. 1, 1991









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